Air filter cartridges

We supply a high technology filters for Resellers, End-users and OEMs throughout the world. With a range of more than 4000 different filters and 20+ types of high quality filter medias, we provide air filtration solutions for various industries and dust types, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust. In addition to that, we offer customized filter solutions and on-site technical field support.

At our highly skilled R&D departments, we ensure certified high quality products in line with our primary goal: to continuously develop innovative filtration solutions that increase performance and reduce cost for our customers.

Our filter cartridges are recognized in automotive and engines industry as well as a producer of a wide variety of filtration applications in the industrial and consumer goods sectors.

The joining forces with one of the giants within filtration, have also widened our global activities. Our strategy is to be as close to our customers and providing the best service and support as possible.

Filter Cartidges
4000 + filter combinations

We supply industrial filter cartridges for all dust collector types ranging from silo-top collectors, horizontally mounted cartridge collectors, pleated bag collectors, vertically mounted cartridge collectors and flat cell filter collectors.

In addition to that, we offer customized filter solutions and manufacture exklusive cartridge design for OEMS. With a range of more than 4000 different filters, we provide solutions for various industries and dust types, and have specialized in dust and fumes.

Wide range of high quality filter cartridges

We are proud on meeting your every need, which also means we’ve invented equivalent products to many of the most famous and widely used filters. This is done in order to provide a wide range of filters and provide our customers with a more economical alternative.

DIN Cartridge
>Cylindrical or Conical
> Dirty – clean side removal
> Most commonly used cartridge for dust collectors
> Comes with 100% ABS version

The Cartridge is used in all standard applications from shot blasting to wood dust filtration and it can be manufactured in a conductive/antistatic version suitable for operation in ATEX environment. Also, it can be supplied in a stainless steel version compliant for food grade.

Jet Cartridge
> Aluminum or galvanized
> 3-lug or 4-lug
> Dirty – clean side removal
> Comes with 100% ABS version

The Jet Cartridge is especially suited for compact filter collectors which requires 3 or 4-lug mounting. It can be installed from either the clean side or the dirty side. It is customized directly on site by placing the gasket either on the upside or underside of the top cap. Top cap can be supplied with or without Venturi Lock.

Clean Side Cartridge
> Optimal for mobile filter units
> Conical or Cylindrical
> Clean side removal
> Comes in an ABS version with galvanized steel spiro The

Clean Side Cartridge comes in both a conical and cylindrical version. The compact filter cartridges are optimal for mobile filter units and are particularly suitable for industrial vacuum cleaners and welding fume dust collectors.

Flat Call Filters
Flat cell filters are suitable for most current dust collectors including Trumpf®, Herding®, WAM® and Handte®. Flat cell filters can replace sintered plate filters and various mounting options are available. Flat cell filters can be fitted with any of our 25+ different high-quality pleated filter media, making them suitable for a variety of industries and dust types, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust.

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