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More than 10 years of experience

For several years, our company has been engaged in the supply of air-conditioning equipment intended for heating, cooling and air filtration for use in a wide range of operations and objects. Heating units, fans and decentralized air conditioning units are primarily intended for business, commercial or industrial purposes, such as showrooms, supermarkets, warehouses or workshops. Part of our solutions for industry are modular devices for air filtration in the specific operating conditions of industrial enterprises of various types where there are requirements for filtering emulsion mist, aerosols or dust arising during technological processes. In addition to these special applications, we also focus on the supply of modular filters aimed at protection against viruses, bacteria and radioactive and toxic substances for applications in biotechnology, nanotechnology and clean rooms.

A special part are units intended for recuperation and delivery of warm and cold air to households and air purification in households.

Our goal is above all reliability, speed, flexibility in adapting to customer needs. We also offer customers a new trend, delivery directly to the destination, including time requirements.

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