Since today’s living spaces are increasingly airtight, ventilation is essential to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment. We usually spend up to 70% of our time in living spaces, which is why controlled ventilation with recovery is a natural requirement of current trends, which is a necessity for maintaining a healthy home climate without mold, allergens and dust. With today’s requirements for the airtightness of buildings, the need to ensure air exchange in the living space is a must.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the rooms, ideally for a few minutes every hour, which, however, is practically not implemented during the night, in the winter months it represents a great waste of energy. During the summer months, PAUL and RENSON recuperation help reduce the temperature in the rooms.

+ silent operation of recovery systems

+ prevent the formation of mold by removing moisture from living spaces

+ remove odors, especially from kitchens and toilets

+ they do not create a draft, which usually occurs with classic ventilation

+ constant supply of fresh air to the room is beneficial for health in terms of mental and physical well-being

+ is a reasonable investment that will pay back through savings in energy costs for housing

+ fans built for constant air flow maintain a stable ventilation intensity, which achieves consistently high air exchange efficiency and the need for regulation is minimal.

+ recovery system with automatic anti-freeze regulation provides suitable protection against freezing

+ thanks to the economical fan motor, the energy gain is 10 to 15 times higher than the energy consumption of the fans