Controlled ventilation system controlled by sensors. The units can be easily controlled and their parameters can be set using the ENDURA DELTA APP. This app provides important information about how the system works and what the air quality is like in your home. All units are in the right/left version and also in the configuration, all inputs up – T4″ or “two inputs up and two inputs down – T2/B2”. Units have anti-freeze protection as standard, installation of integrated pre-heating is optional.

System control using the ENDURA Delta APP

  • standard for the IOS, Android, Windows Mobile operating systems on a smartphone or tablet allows:
  • control the system through fast and intuitive navigation in various menus
  • check the current state of the ventilation system. The application provides information on the total air volume, the relative humidity value, the indoor air quality, the temperature inside the building and outside, and the status of the filters
  • set a time program that allows you to make changes to the current mode
  • configure unit (service menu)
  • make a report and register the unit for service operations

The ENDURA Delta unit is equipped with a fully automatic summer bypass. This bypass allows the house to be cooled by cooler outside air at night in the summer months. If the bypass is activated, the exhaust warm air does not pass through the heat exchanger and the heat is not transferred to the fresh cold air coming from outside. So the cold air can be used to cool your house. In addition, there is no need to increase the flow rate. The bypass is activated fully automatically, depending on the internal and external temperature.

Automatic/manual BREEZE function
Control is possible using the ENDURA Delta APP. You can set yourself how intensively you want to cool your house. You can also use the Breeze function to heat the building when the internal temperature is lower than the external air temperature (depending on the set recommended values)

The Endura Delta unit is equipped with frost protection as standard. If the temperature drops below the freezing point, freezing of the condensate in the heat exchanger may occur. There is also a decrease in efficiency and the possibility of damage. Endura Delta is equipped with protection against these possible problems. This protection guarantees that the volume of exhaust air will increase compared to the intake air, which keeps the exchanger at positive temperatures for a longer period of time. In colder areas, an electric preheater can be installed in the unit. If the temperature of the
supply air drops below the freezing point, the preheater partially heats the supply air. The heating element works on the modular principle, which guarantees that the consumption of electricity remains at the lowest possible value.

The Endura Delta unit has integrated sensors fitted as standard for measuring the quality of exhaust air. In addition, it is possible to add an external CO2 sensor to rooms with air supply. This enables a more accurate and faster response to changes in air quality. The air quality sensor displays the current quality value (scale from green to red) and the current ventilation level.

Wireless air quality sensor
(controlled by a sensor) – control with the display of the current value

  • change of ventilation level possible
  • power supply 230 V/50 Hz
  • wireless communication with the Master display


Fireplace function
The “Fireplace” function is activated by a signal from an external switch. By starting it, a temporary imbalance occurs on the side of the supplied air (excess pressure) important for proper combustion, which prevents dangerous CO from escaping from the fireplace.

Filter replacement
If it is necessary to replace the filter, you will be informed about it in the application on the smartphone, using the integrated touch screen, or on the external panel, if it is installed. This function works on the principle of observing preset time intervals.

Holiday mode
Allows you to set the start and end of the extended absence period. The ventilation system then works with maximum energy efficiency.

In order for the house to be properly ventilated, it is necessary to ensure sufficient air flow. There are places in the house that do not have air intake or exhaust, for example corridors. The air supplied to the living spaces passes through the center of the house to the rooms with drainage – bathrooms, toilets – it must pass through these spaces noiselessly and ventilate the whole house.

Thanks to the aesthetic installation above the door, no unsightly and disruptive undercutting of the door is necessary. The unique solution prevents it from being seen from one room to another, and air flow is maintained.

Thanks to the aesthetic installation above the door, no unsightly and disruptive undercutting of the door is necessary. The unique solution prevents it from being seen from one room to another, and air flow is maintained.


  • hidden solution – completely built-in
  • you can’t see the other side
  • suitable for all types of doors with a minimum thickness of 35 mm
  • suitable to suitable for any interior
  • guaranteed air flow of 25 m3
  • noise reduction
  • without a draft

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