Decentralized air conditioning units
If the desired climate is to be created, it is necessary to find an optimal technical solution and the means to ensure it. With us, assembly companies, designers, investors and users will find suitable products for every required application and all user requirements, including optimized accessories. The versatility and flexibility of air conditioning units in this product group offers a comprehensive technical solution for any requirement.


The HyCassette-Geko cassette unit with the highest comfort standards, intelligent control system and attractive design is the answer to all your air conditioning requirements.
Optimal temperature control system
Homogeneous temperature distribution
It is easy to clean and disinfect
2 performance lines
Air volume up to 830 m³ / h
Heating power up to 11 kW
Cooling power up to 5.6 kW
Hygienic design according to VDI 6022 and DIN 1946-T4 – certified by Institute HY (Gelsenkirchen,
Certified according to EUROVENT

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