Decentralized air conditioning units
If the desired climate is to be created, it is necessary to find an optimal technical solution and the means to ensure it. With us, assembly companies, designers, investors and users will find suitable products for every required application and all user requirements, including optimized accessories. The versatility and flexibility of air conditioning units in this product group offers a comprehensive technical solution for any requirement.

The basic version of the air conditioning unit is suitable for heating and/or cooling and can be combined with various accessories. The higher variant provides more functions and more equipment. With this unit, it is possible to air-condition rooms even in mixing mode. Depending on the need, the units are equipped with a connection to heating or cooling water and can also be equipped with additional electric heating. Allows wall, under-ceiling or inter-ceiling design.
High flexibility and efficiency
Low noise
Low energy consumption
Simple installation and operation
Heating – heating water, el. heating, cooling – cooling water, direct evaporator
8 sizes with 4 performance lines
Air volume 145 – 1820 m3 / h
Cooling power 0.9 – 10.8 kW
Heating power 0.6 – 19.6 kW
Fans with AC and EC – motors (GreenTech)
4 directions of air flow
Certified according to EUROVENT
Hygienic design according to VDI 6022 certified by the HY Institute (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)

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