Decentralized air conditioning units
If the desired climate is to be created, it is necessary to find an optimal technical solution and the means to ensure it. With us, assembly companies, designers, investors and users will find suitable products for every required application and all user requirements, including optimized accessories. The versatility and flexibility of air conditioning units in this product group offers a comprehensive technical solution for any requirement.

The new HyFlex-Geko® air conditioning units with or without connection to an air handling system complete the family of Geko® air conditioning units. These quiet air conditioning units maintain a comfortable indoor climate and at the same time ensure a wide range of heating or cooling performance with maximum energy efficiency. With comprehensive accessories and available functions, these units can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

A wide range of factory-installed “plug and play” products
Low noise – 1.8 kW of total cooling power at a sound pressure of <30 dB (A)
EC fan with XT -Extended Technology
360 ° Flex technology for maximum flexibility at the installation site
From <1 kW to 8 kW (heating and cooling, 4-pipe system)
From <1kW to 11 kW (heating and cooling, 2-pipe system)
Optimized noise level thanks to individual selection
External pressure up to 70 Pa
Factory-installed pressure-independent valves
Easy cleaning

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